Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Blind Pension Back Pay--More Possibly Coming

This article speaks to the fact that millions of dollars in back Blind Pension pay are laying somewhere out there. Read and see how I think this is only the beginning of this case.
KSDK -- The Missouri Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday that the Misosuri Family Support Division illegally calculated theBlind Pension benefit for thousands of people.Read a copy of the rulingThe Missouri Council of the Blind joined with seven blind Missourians to bring alawsuit challenging the method used by the state to calculate the pension. The plaintiffswere represented by the Law Offices of Thomas E. Kennedy and theSaint Louis University Legal Clinic.The case will now go to the Circuit Court of Cole County to be consider conducting an accounting with regard to back benefits blind Missouriansare owed. The estimated amount could be between $14 and $40 million.Approximately 3,000 Missourians collect the pension.

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